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Mount Richon Honey

Beeswax Blocks

Beeswax Blocks

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Beeswax blocks

Natural Beeswax - Pure, natural, antibacterial Mount Richon Honey beeswax

Make your own cosmetics, beeswax melts, food wraps, surf board wax, furniture or clopping block polish.

Natural beeswax is made by Mount Richon honey bees.  These blocks of totally natural beeswax may contain small amounts of naturally occurring sediment (minute traces of pollen and honey). Mount Richon beeswax blocks have not been bleached or washed with chemicals and are completely additive free.

Beeswax provides a protective barrier over the skin, sealing in the moisture without suffocating skin or clogging pores. Beeswax attracts water molecules and helps your skin to stay hydrated over time which makes them ideal for lip balm and lotion bars.

Dependent upon the season, the colour of this natural beeswax will vary.

100% Western Australian raw beeswax (may contain imperfections such as pollen)

Available in:

  • Mini beeswax blocks (6) each block has a minimum weight of 10grams (Total weight for 6 mini blocks 60grams)

  • Small block (60 grams)


**Due to Biosecurity laws, we cannot ship our Beeswax to Tasmania.

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Wonderful Soaps. Delicious Honey and Lovely BeesWax & Rose Petals Candles! Highly Recommend all their Products!