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Eco-friendly Beeswax Wedding Candles

With eco-friendly weddings becoming increasingly popular, pure beeswax candles at weddings are in style. Beeswax candles are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Brides and grooms can enjoy their big day knowing that these natural candles are safe for their guests and the environment.

For years candles and flowers have been a staple of wedding centrepieces. Natural beeswax candles also make excellent wedding favours or wedding party gifts. Tea lights and small pillar candles are often used as wedding favours, with brides and grooms putting their own unique spin on the packaging.  From packaging in lace to adding holders and ribbon, the possibilities are endless and even can be tailored to your style and wedding themes. Finding a gift for your wedding party that suits each individual can sometimes prove difficult, so instead of trying to pick one candle that suits them all, try picking a different candle for each member of your party they will all appreciate the personalized touch!

At Mount Richon Honey we hope your wedding is filled with beautiful memories and beautiful candles!

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