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Handmade soap is just a better choice when it comes to cleansing your skin.

More and more people are opting for eco-friendly skin care options. We all want to know and control what we are putting on our bodies. Skin is our largest organ, and everything that touches it gets filtered through our liver.

Handmade soaps are usually made from vegetable oils (vegan option) and/or animal fats and butters that are full of antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins. These ingredients are essential for healthy skin. The rule of thumb is that if you can’t pronounce the ingredient, you shouldn’t be rubbing it on your skin.

On all handmade soap labels the ingredients are listed clearly. You will know what each and every ingredient is!

Most bars of mass-produced “soap” in the supermarket are actually called beauty bars, body bars, or moisturizing bars. This is because they are detergents and not actually soap.

What Is Real Soap?

Real soap is very basic. It consists of oils, fats, lye, and water. Glycerin is created during the process of making handmade soap, also called saponification. That's all that is needed to cleanse the body without disrupting the PH levels of the skin.

  • Handmade soap consists of base oils or animal fats, butters, lye, and additives that are usually from a natural source. Almost any natural additive can be added to homemade soap to treat various skin conditions and complaints while reducing unnecessary chemical intake, resulting in beautiful skin. Natural soap actually relieves irritated skin, many times improving psoriasis and eczema.
  • Mass-produced soap is full of chemical cocktails and harsh detergents that usually leave the skin irritated, overly cleansed, and dry.
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Order the soap by the loaf, they smell amazing! I can’t wait to put them on our tables at the wedding! Definitely order with plenty of time as it’s pre order only.


Absolutely Amazing! Every soap I ordered smells AMAZING its a present for my sister so I haven’t actually got to try any of it yet. But I am having a really hard time keeping it a secret.

Anna C

Received these in less than 2 days. So easy to order and such friendly service! Soaps smelt and looked amazing.


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